Photography is currently a hobby for me. I spend a great deal of my spare time out shooting, thinking about my next shoot or working on the images that I have.

I first picked up a camera with any real intention of learning photography when I was13. My camera was a totally manual 35mm SLR, a Praktica PM3. I still have this camera and it gets an airing every once in a while. I stuck at this for about 5 years, ironically until I went to art college, where I lost interest and worked more towards design. I still kept a passing interest and continued to work part time as a photographic retoucher. It wasn't until around 2000 that i first used a digital camera and started to get back into photography, dusting off my film cameras and then buying my first digital camera a year later.

Today most of my additions are taken digitally, this isn't to say that I do not use film, as i still find it useful, like everything the trick is knowing the right tool for any given task. Currently I am using a Canon EOS 300D, a PentaxP30 and a Praktica PM3.



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