In this section you will find links to those places on the net, that I frequent, those that inspire me and those of my friends.

Photography Forums A great place to be inspired by. There are some fantastic photographers in here, covering pretty much, every subject matter imaginable and some you hadn't thought of.

PodCollective: This is a collective of like minded souls with an inspiring range of talent.

Eatpoo: Mainly an arts forum but it has a strong photography section. A good place to go if you want some serious feedback on your work.

4um: Another photo forum that is part of a wider forum, this time based around art music and chat.

Photozo: If you're starting out, this might be a good place, it's welcoming and has a large number of users and contributors.

net-model: If you want to work with models or photographers, then join here and find what you are looking for. It has a wide base of users in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Personal websites:

RosanaIbarrola - An artist friends personal website, her work with inks is particularly good and well worth checking out.



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